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We are fly tying freaks. We have to lint roll feathers and dubbing off our clothes before leaving the house. We know the difference between fluorescent hot pink and fluorescent fuchsia. From #22 baetis emergers to 6/0 trevally baitfish to classic spey flies, everything spits out of the vise.  


I am a contract tyer for Aqua Flies LLC. Aqua is a small Northern California based company dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality flies on the market. Currently Aqua is tying a set of striper flies designed and tested on the Delta and in SF Bay, while I lived in the Bay Area. Recently, Aqua picked up three summer steelhead patterns too. Check out the Aqua Flies website or shoot us an email if you want to get a hold of some yourself.


The gallery below contains some of our favorites and published tying articles. 

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