Washington Guided Fly Fishing Trips

We offer Washington fly fishing guided trips year-round, all over the state for trout, steelhead, bass, and more. Below are descriptions of our destinations. Feel free to contact us for more information or to book a trip.

Puget Sound Cutthroat

Puget Sound is our bread and butter, backyard fishery. We fish year-round for coastal sea-run cutthroat trout in this unique, protected saltwater environment.


Like steelhead, these native trout areanadromous, meaning they are born in a stream, migrate out to spend their adult lives in saltwater and then return to their natal river to spawn--and eat salmon eggs and fry. Puget Sound is a unique and vast fishery and harbors a healthy population of these feisty trout. This is one of the most prolific and accessible trout fisheries in North America though, remains unknown to most trout anglers.


We pursue these critters from a specially equipped power boat, giving us maximum versatility and the ability to target unpressured beaches with no foot access. This is trout fishing, so we throw five and six-weight rods armed with small baitfish imitations. Coastal cutthroat are aggressive, ambush predators and they are highly migratory, chasing baitfish and shrimp around the Sound, moving with the tides and currents. The fishing is often very visual as you watch fish attack your fly in shallow, clear water. Salmon often live and migrate along the shoreline too and depending on the season we may incidentally encounter them while fishing for cutthroat.


Full day saltwater trips are $600 and half day trips are $400. 2 anglers max and all fishing gear is provided. Light lunch is provided on full day trips. See bottom of the page for more info.

Yakima River

For a more typical Northwest trout fishing experience we float the Yakima River in Eastern WA, fishing for rainbows, westslope cutthroat and the occasional whitefish.


An easy day trip from Seattle, the river flows off the eastside of Snoqualmie Pass. over 60 miles of the river is designated catch and release fo rwild trout. The Yakima is fishable year-round, weather depending, with spring and fall offering some of the best fishing.


The Yak is an excellent nymph fishery and boasts some good dry fly fishing during hatches of skwala and summer stones, BWO's, PMD's, March browns, caddis and more throughout the year. During much of the stonefly and hopper seasons we prefer to fish dry/dropper combos as much as possible. Streamer fishing is good too and usually puts bigger fish in the net. We float the river and fish out of a drift boat, stopping to wade when possible. The river offers some good trout-spey opportunities as well.


Full day Yakima float trips are $575. 2 anglers max and all fishing gear in provided. Light lunch and shuttle are provided too. See bottom of the page for more info.

Winter Steelhead Skagit/Olympic Peninsula

When you're from Western Washington winter steelhead fishing runs deep in your soul. This isn't easy fishing. In fact, it's often cold, wet, dark and mentally and physically challenging. But, just the chance to find even a single

chrome bright steelhead is enough to fuel the day. 


We swing flies with single and two-handed rods for steelhead on the Skagit/Sauk and the Olympic Peninsula rivers from December through April. This is sink tips with big rods and big flies kind of fishing. During early season we ply the Skykomish for hatchery fish and as the season progresses it becomes a wild steelhead show. We save the nymph rods for trout on the Yakima, preferring to swing flies for these native fish.


Bull trout/cutthroat/spey casting tune up trips are offered on the Skagit River October--December too. This is a fun way to catch a few fish and work on your casting in a beautiful setting.


Full day steelhead float trips are $575. 2 anglers max and all fishing gear and a light lunch provided. Shuttle is provided when available. See bottom of the page for more info.

Cascade Mountain Trout

During the warmer months, hiking along Cascade mountain streams is a fun and scenic way to spend a day fishing. Just a short drive up hill from Seattle are numerous, clear running creeks and tributaries full of native cutthroat and wild rainbows.


This is hiking and boulder hopping, wild fish on light rods and dry flies kind of day. The fish are small and fun on light gear. This is an excellent way to brush up on your skills or just a spend a pleasant day in a pretty place.


This was the first place we began guiding, in 2006, and remains one of our favorite places to spend time.


Full day walk and wade trips are $500 and half day trips are $375. 2 anglers max and all fishing gear in provided. Light lunch is provided on full day trips. See bottom of the page for more info.

What's Included:

All trips are for up to 2 anglers (however, we can sometimes accomodate larger groups). Rods, reels, leaders, flies, a simple lunch/beverages, boat and truck/trailer shuttle, launch fees and required safety gear are provided on full day trips. Full days are 8+ hours on the water. Half day trips are available on certain fisheries and fishing gear is included however, lunch is not. Half days are 4+ hours on the water.


All prices include 10% WA sales tax (yes, it's that high!).


All anglers must sign a liability waiver prior to their trip. This is required by our outfitter insurance carrier.


What's Not Included:

Transportation and fishing license are not included. Fishing licenses can be purchased online here. If you're fishing for steelhead you need a Catch Record Card which must be mailed to your home in advance or obtained in-person at a license dealer.


You will need to provide your own waders, boots and weather appropriate attire. We do have limited, spare waders and boots, so if you are in need, contact us prior to your trip and we will see if we have your size. Always bring extra clothes/layers/sunscreen no matter what the weather. Polarized sunglasses are a must to see into the water and for eye protection. If you have specific dietary restrictions we will do our best to accomodate, but encourage you to bring your own food. A cooler is on board for client use.


Booking Your Trip:
Your trip can be booked over the phone or email. A $100/day deposit is required at the time of booking to secure fishing dates.  Payment options include cash, check, Venmo or Paypal. Deposits are non-refundable except in the event of unfishable/dangerous water conditions. Unfishable days can be rescheduled. The balance of the payment is due the day of the trip. Guide gratuity is customary but up to client discretion.

Tailout Anglers LLC is US Coast Guard licensed, WDFW licensed and fully insured. We are first aid and CPR certified.


Head over to the Contact page if you want more information or would like to book a trip.

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